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Stage Make-up : The actors complete step by step guide to today's techniques and materials

Stage Make-up : The actors complete step by step guide to today's techniques and materials

Thudium, Laura
Backstage books, 1999, paperback, 160 p.

From the Author

My hope is to bring a fresh approach to this subject.

I had been teaching in theatre for a number of years and, like many other costume designers who teach stage makeup, I was disappointed in the available makeup texts. Many cover too many types of makeup: film, tv, and theatre--many have black and white photos, many do not have step-by-step instructions. I saw a need for a book that was teacher/student based and not written for the professional makeup artist.

I hope that teachers and students alike will find my book interesting and exciting. This is a book, a guide for the beginner. Each chapter builds on the skills taught in the one before. The photos are of real students in a real classroom situation. I have used some of my students' own designs as well. Keep in mind that the makeup examples show application techniques and finished products for makeup that would be seen on the stage--not for a camera or for the street. I use the 10 foot rule--move ten feet away from the mirror as you do your work and see if the makeup "reads"--is effective. If it convinces at that distance then you have achieved the desired result. I am always aware of how different theatrical makeup is from film and television makeup which has to be more subtle.

I hope that you find my book exciting and a valuable tool as a theatre artist. And I would love getting feedback from readers. Enjoy!


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