Current movements, future landscapes

Current movements, future landscapes

IT&FB, 2016, paperback,

Diverse artikelen over scenografische reflecties

Reflections on the exposium Thinking Scenography: Shifting Layers of Disbelief
including articles by: Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink, Nienke Scholts and Sonja van der Valk

The authors offer three perspectives on scenography: as a form of material thinking, as political-ecological practice, and as a shared space where design and art-criticism meet. Starting point for this publication is the exposium (exhibition / symposium) on designed reality, by the same name. In September 2014 a group of scenographers and dramaturges explored natural and artificial Dutch landscapes by bus. The exposium raised questions such as: To what extend is reality designed? How do we look at that? Which influence does our own thinking and behaviour have on this, and what is the role of imagination in this process?
The bilingual publication (ENG –Dutch) speaks to professionals, lecturers and students spatial design. The authors are all members of network Platform-Scenography.


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