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Next to Normal | Bladmuziek

Next to Normal | Bladmuziek


Next to Normal

- Prelude
- Just Another Day
- Everything Else
- Perfect for You
- I Miss the Mountains
- He's Not Here
- You Don't Know
- I Am the One
- Superboy and the Invisible Girl
- I'm Alive
- I Dreamed a Dance
- There's a World
- I've Been
- Didn't I See this Movie?
- A Light in the Dark
- Hey #1
- Aftershocks
- Hey #2
- How Could I Ever Forget?
- Why Stay?/A Promise
- The Break
- Maybe (Next to Normal)
- Hey #3/Perfect for You (Reprise)
- So Anyway
- Light

Notable missing songs are Who's Crazy/My Psychopharmacologist And I, It's Gonna Be Good, Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I'm Falling, Wish I Were Here, Song of Forgetting, and Better than Before.

Arrangements are based on the orchestra score, with minor adjustments in the piano part. Vocal parts are NOT doubled in the piano and the accompaniment follows the original piano part pretty closely. Vocal parts are written out for each character and some dialog is included.


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