Fiddler on the Roof - Meezing-cd

Fiddler on the Roof - Meezing-cd

vT, 2013, 2CD,

Now you can sing the songs of this hit Broadway show in your own home or on stage with our accompaniment tracks! "A fiddler on the roof. Sounds crazy no?" These eight words open the first scene, of one of the greastest works of the American musical theatre. A show that has capitivated the world, since it first opened on Broadway, on September 22, 1964. This show, which takes place in Eastern Russia, in 1905, has always been played by an orchestra of various sizes. But if you lived in the village of Anatevka, you would have been listening to a samll group of musicians, known as Klezmorim. The Klezmorim were small groups (bands) of musicicians who played what we call today, traditional Yiddish (Jewish) music. They would travel throughout Eastern Europe, playing in different towns and cities, for various occasions. As a result , Producer Stephen M. Pearl of Stage Stars Records, Inc. has re-orchestrated and recorded, a new version of Fiddler on The Roof with a Klezmer Band. This new album features a full cast of actors and actresses singing the songs, with an accompaniment of standard Klezmer instrumentation, such as Clarinets, Flute, Trumpet, Tuba, Accordion, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and of course, Violin. We hope you enjoy it.

This album has 32 tracks; 1-16 with guide vocals and 17-32 with accompaniment only. Songs included are:

1. /17. Tradition 7:38

2. /18. Matchmaker 3:55

3. /19. If I Were A Rich Man 5:23

4. /20. Sabbath Prayer 2:50

5. /21. To Life 4:18

6. /22. Tevye's Monologue 2:51

7. /23. Miracle of Miracles 2:05

8. /24. Tevye's Dream 6:55

9. /25. Sunrise, Sunset 7:45

10./26. Now I Have Everything 1:28

11./27. Tevy'es Rebuttal 3:16

12./28. Do You Love Me? 2:54

13./29. The Rumor/Gossip 2:37

14./30. Far From The Home I Love 3:27

15. /31. Chava Ballet Sequence 3:12

16. /32. Anatevka 2:41


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