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Annie get your gun | London cast | OPRUIMING

Annie get your gun | London cast | OPRUIMING

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Annie get your gun
1995, CD,

This is a treat. Irving Berlin's joyous musical comedy has been subject to stage cuts each time it has been revived in New York and London since its pre miere in 1946. Here we have all the score on a single CD, a treasure-trove of mu sical abundance given a standout performance under the direction of John McGlinn . The recording gets off to a cracking pace with one of Buffalo Bill's outriders announcing his arrival in town. We then meet the down-to-earth Annie Oakley ("D oin' what comes natur'lly"), who reveals her backwoods upbringing under her bras h exterior in the touching song "They Say It's Wonderful" ("I can't recall who s aid it / I know I never read it"). Annie famously celebrates her camaraderie wit h Frank Butler and Buffalo Bill in "There's No Business Like Show Business", and her subsequent rivalry with Frank in "Anything You Can Do" ("You couldn't beat me in long distance spitting!"). Kim Criswell's portrayal occasionally borders o n the strident, yet there is never any doubt of her commitment to the role, nor that of baritone Thomas Hampson as Frank Butler who gives a terrific performance of "My Defences Are Down". The lesser-known Berlin numbers are all gems, too, f rom Annie's hymn to illicit liquor ("Moonshine Lullaby") to the often cut duets between Tommy and Winnie. A classic all round. --Adrian Edwards


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